Heartburn Treatments

Medical Treatment ?

For many people who suffers from occasional to mild heartburn they just take antacids either in tablet or liquid form. These are widely available from over-the-counter drug stores. Most of these antacid preparations are taken before or after a meal. It relieves heartburn by forming a layer on top of the stomach contents.

After a while you may find taking these over-the-counter drugs are quite expensive and that it does not relief you from the symptoms of heartburn.

If over-the-counter drugs does not work for you, seeing a doctor is our next step. He or she can decide if tests are needed to find the cause of the problem.

Your doctor could also prescribe you with a stronger medication which will reduce or prevent the production of acid in the stomach and allow the inflamed gullet to heal.

When your heartburn symptoms are severe or there are complication and medical treatments does not help you, your doctor may recommend surgery to correct and prevent the continuous heartburn. This procedure is called fundoplication. It involves replacing the stomach back to its original position under the diaphragm. The surgeon then wraps and stitches the upper few centimetres of the stomach around the oesphagus to prevent heartburn from reoccurring. This operation is carried out either by traditional open surgery or by keyhole surgery.

Although surgery would cure heartburn, it is an expensive procedure. As for all surgery complication may occur and not all suffers are willing to take that risks.

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